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The NEPTUNE study aimed to determine if near-to-patient-testing for #STIs improved antibiotic use.

#AMR Hub researchers @lenkavod and @DrCatBradshaw sat down with ABC news on Saturday to discuss the study findings.

Watch the interview here:➡️ http://tinyurl.com/tvjmejzz

The@IUSTI_World Congress is in #Sydney in 2024!

Our own @EricPFChow is the Congress President, @DrCatBradshaw the Scientific Co-Chair & @lenkavod
the Scholarship Co-Chair!

Get in your abstracts now to join us: https://www.iusti2024sydney.org/abstract-submission

@ASHM @SHSOV @SexHealthUoM @theamrhub

Brilliant article from hub researchers @lenkavod and @MSHCResearch, demonstrating the clear utility of near-to-patient testing to inform selection of antibiotics for treatment of STIs!

New paper out from @lenkavod in @LancetRH_WPac exploring near-to-patient-testing to inform targeted antibiotic use for STIs in a public sexual health clinic: https://authors.elsevier.com/sd/article/S2666606523003231

@theamrhub @SHSOV @Alfred_Research @Monash_FMNHS @MonashResearch @SexHealthUoM

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