Engaging Stakeholders to Optimise AMR Innovation


Prof Alex Broom


Dr Tanya Applegate


Theme 4…

aims to integrate the spectrum of social science, health economics, mathematical modelling, and epidemiology techniques and methodologies to examine the problem of AMR and the development and roll-out of AMR-related technologies and ‘solutions’ in diverse settings in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Consulting with a diverse range of stakeholders, including the public, government, services, industry, and communities this Theme will work toward a more comprehensive understanding of the multifarious factors shaping AMR and AMR innovations, with a focus on STIs

The remit of this Theme is to develop:

  • Advanced social science analysis of the drivers of AMR and current barriers to AMR innovation;
  • Epidemiological analyses of AMR and STIs;
  • Innovative mixed methods evaluations of the performance of resistance therapy laboratory tests;
  • Mixed methods evaluations of point of care resistance guided therapy tests in Australia and Asia-Pacific.
  • Advanced Delphi Methods for progressing AMR and STI innovations through consensus;
  • Health economic evaluations of AMR;
  • Mathematical modelling for mitigating the emergence and spread of AMR in the context of STIs.

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